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Look for my music podcasts in the near future!

Welcome to Patrick  O'Hearn Music Gallery:  You will be listening to the album, Ancient Dreams.  This album  was released in 1985.  It is available to listen to on this musician's web-site.  There are 20 albums that you can listen to at Patrick O'Hearn's Music Gallery and only eight of them are available to be purchased. You can click on the Back to Music Gallery button to go back to his Music Gallery and listen to this musician's many other albums or songs of your choice.  I have included several of Patrick O'Hearn's albums on my playlists for chair massage events.

Classical Music Remix Electronic Instrumental: Even though I like this soundtrack it's a bit too fast for a chair massage event. However, this track may work at spa parties.  Another classical remix you may like to listen to on YouTube is Classical Music Remix Electro Hip Hop Instrumental Compilation.



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